I’m writing this post in the library at Blain which is just North of Nantes.  The keyboard has the French arrangement of characters printed on it but is set to qwerty, so if this is total nonsense, I apologise.

I have been keeping a diary on my ipad which I will upload when I find some wifi lurking in a petit coin, but for now this is the best I can do.

The first week has been quite tough, mainly due to the weather, which, at best, has been average.  Today (Saturday) is slated for fine rain all day and I couldn’t face another day of rain and wind, so I thought I’d give my body a break and have a day off.

I’ve left Brittany and am now in Loire  Atlantique.

Well, my time is nearly up in the library, so that’s all for now, but I will publish a better post soon, when I get a chance.

Many thanks for all your good wishes, it means a lot.