I should start this post with a Public Service Announcement – the picture above is Blue Sky.  Seldom seen and much talked about, it’s normally associated with sun and warmth but recently it has come complete with a northerly wind that could freeze the bell on your bicycle.

Anyway, we’re only half way through the year, still 199 shopping days till Christmas, and there’s a small matter of cycling around France.

Those that know me will be fully aware of how well I prepare, but surprisingly at this late stage, most of my ToDo, Don’t Forget, and Sort Out Now lists are quite short.  This last week is devoted to sorting out paperwork and thinking about what route I might take.

Loaded Bike

Packed and ready to go

My trip starts next Monday when I take an afternoon train from Gatwick to Portsmouth where I will board the overnight ferry to St. Mâlo.  I’m a bit concerned about getting the bike onto the train as it weighs a ton when loaded and will take up most of the carriage, so let’s hope there are not too many commuters at that time of day!  When on the ferry, I will have to leave the bike in the hold overnight (downstairs for non-mariners), which doesn’t fill me with too much warmth, but needs must.

Basecamp has a concern that Her Little Adventurer will spend most of the trip on the ocean ‘not very well’, but I think that if I sit up the front with the driver all should be ok.

So here we are then, months of preparation and planning are all behind me and two months of la Belle France in front.  I will blog regularly, so please follow my progress and leave words of encouragement.