Well not at the moment, that’s for sure!

I have a regular little circuit I ride on my bike that takes me through the lanes of Surrey.  All very quiet and rural apart from cars, lorries and white van man, all on their own personal time trials.

So about 8 miles in, I’ve found a track far enough away from all roads, where pretty much the only sound is birds singing.  This is coffee break time.  Out with my flask and sandwich, take the warmth of the sun, and wallow in the ‘It’s-good-to-be-alive’ of it all.

Right now of course, in early March, after what seems to be the longest Winter since records began (the last longest Winter was 2011/2012), all this warmth etc. is a distant memory.  Nonetheless I came across the picture above which I took last year, and cheered myself up with memories of leaves on the trees and solid ground not mud.

Winter’s last gasp is with us at the moment with snow and a freezing Northerly wind but it’s days are numbered and soon I will be out riding in just a t-shirt and shorts.

And a flask and sandwich of course.