Let me introduce The Ice Cream Bike.

The Ice Cream Bike is a Cargo Bike with a freezer at the front in which there is the most delicious ice cream, hand-made on St. Joan’s Dairy Farm in Surrey.

Say you were out walking or cycling, or on a horse, and you thought to yourself, “What wouldn’t I give for an ice cream right now?”, well hold that thought.

In the still of the countryside, away from the crowds and just when you need it, The Ice Cream Bike quietly appears with a short, red-faced, middle-aged man at the helm.  The right place at the right time, the bike looks fantastic and just wait till you taste the ice cream!

The good news is that you can book The Ice Cream Bike to attend your event and therefore be sure that all that ice cream deliciousness will be where you need it, when you need it.

“Great ice cream! It was just what we wanted on a hot afternoon. It is a nice idea having it up on the top of Reigate hill.”

Stop Me & Buy One

Once Upon a Time you could stop an ice cream seller on his bike and buy one from him.  It was a great idea so I’ve brought it back to life.

Where does the bike go?

The cycle paths, lanes, cricket greens of Surrey and West Sussex.  No noise, no diesel, just short, fat, hairy leg power.

Of course, if you want, we’ll come to your special event!


The bike is modern, funky and very eye-catching (unfortunately the rider isn’t).  Combine that with delicious artisan ice cream direct from the farm and your guests will thank you for a very, very, very long time.

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So what's the ice cream like?

Hand-made on St. Joan’s Dairy Farm near Dorking in Surrey with no artificial colours or flavours added, it’s about as fresh as it’s possible to get.  And oh yes … it tastes absolutely delicious.

The ice cream bike came to our music festival in Redhill in September, it was a great success seeing this amazing bike work the crowds and stopping and selling at leisure. Richard was lovely and fun and added another dimension to our festival. The ice cream from St Joan’s was delicious as always. Thank you Richard, see you next year.

Fiona Page

Organiser, Front Room on the Farm

If you would like to book The Ice Cream Bike for your event

and let’s be honest, why wouldn’t you?
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