I’d like to say here and now that I’m a naturally optimistic, glass half-full kinda guy but it wouldn’t be true.  I start most days with either va va or voom but rarely the complete set, and sadly, despite my best efforts at seizing the day, I’ve more often than not peaked by about 9.30 with the rest of the day a gentle saunter downhill.

Self esteem is the key issue.  I’m in my mid-fifties, grey-haired, short, fat, struggling to make ends meet and view the future with a furrowed brow, still at least I’ve got my natural sunny outlook.  I’ve tried not to become a Grumpy Old Man and to some extent I’ve succeeded as I wouldn’t consider myself old yet, but somewhere along the line, the promise of youth has become the threat of middle age.  It’s fair to say that my self esteem could be higher.

Aside from the physical setbacks that nature has dealt me I feel that I still have a lot to give.  The sad truth is that although many people are happy to receive what I have to give, very few are prepared to pay for it.  At least not without some sort of discount.

But those that know and love me have told me, with expressions that defy description, that when they see what I have done and what I’m capable of, I’m priceless.  Frankly, who am I to argue?