Photography Workshops

Now take a deep breath and focus ...

Everybody needs Somebody sometimes …

So if you’re a small business that can’t afford a professional photographer but still need good pictures to promote your work, who ya gonna call?

Spend some time and a small amount of money on yourself and learn some basic photography skills.

Or if you’re just plain interested in improving your photography but for you, “post-production” means writing letters.

Call me, I can help.

‘Capture in Style’ Workshop

New camera? Need photos for your website? Don’t know your shutter speed from your aperture?  Friendly, clear help with advice while you practice.

I wish I’d had that when I was learning!

For more information see my ‘Capture in Style‘ information page in Richard’s Gallery

Light up your Digital Darkroom

So you’ve got a half-decent photo, but what now?  Well actually, the job’s only half-done.  Most photos straight out of the camera need a bit of post-production spit and polish.

There is a world of fun and games to be had manipulating images, so if you would like some more details about this fascinating workshop, head over to the Digital Darkroom page in Richard’s Gallery.

Take Control of your Camera

Become a confident photographer